Audi A5 Sportback review - does it add to the coupe's appeal?

evo staff
5 Sep 2017

The new A5 Sportback takes all the good from the coupe and puts it into a more practical package

Evo Rating: 
from £32,965
Beautifully crafted, stylish and impressive drivetrains too
Undramatic handling, sterile steering, more expensive than nearly identical A4 saloon

Ride and handling

In the transformation from first to second generation, Audi significantly modified the A5’s MLB platform, reducing weight and lowering the centre of gravity. As a result the A5 and its sportier S5 sibling are more adept on the road than before, offering an impressively settled and concise ride quality with the usual unimpeachable quattro traction (where fitted).

Push a little harder and you are reminded that the A5 has its engine mostly strewn out in front of the axle, but for normal driving the Sportback is refined, smooth and feels incredibly tight on the road without being completely devoid of road feel. 

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If you want your A5 to be able to challenge the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe on a windy road though, you will need to start ticking various option boxes. To get the best out of the A5’s chassis, you best option the adaptive dampers, as they usefully sharpen response and contain body-roll. 

Steering feel is predictably absent, although we would recommend leaving the dynamic steering option well alone, based on our experiences with other Audi systems. 

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