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Alpina B10

Roger Green
23 Apr 2009

Time for the Alpina B10 and evo to part company, sadly


The excess of Alpinas on our Fast Fleet can’t go on apparently, so Harry is forcing me to put our B10 on eBay. I love the car and would happily keep it forever, but all good things must come to an end. The fevered bidding begins on March 5 and will end ten days later.

This 4.6-litre V8-engined beauty has been fault-free in our hands and, of course, has been converted to run on LPG, meaning you can travel around 50 per cent further for every pound of fuel you feed it. And there’s more: if you live in Detroit you could register the car to be exempt from the Congestion Charge, so you really could have your credit crunch-busting cake and eat it.
There will be a full end-of-term round-up on the B10 next month.

Running Costs

Date acquired August 2008
Total mileage 102,184
Costs this month £0
Mileage this month 92
MPG this month 27.7 (petrol equivalent)

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