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Aston Martin One-77

Stephen Dobie
24 Jul 2009

Aston Martin's One-77 £1million supercar gets its British public debut at Salon Privé


Aston Martin's extravagant One-77 supercar got its big UK debut at Salon Privé this week.

Just 77 of the million pound Bugatti Veyron challengers are being made, with the production run apparently close to sold out. That makes Salon Privé a great chance to get a taste of the car for those who’ll never get their hands on one.

The styling is very striking, the initial DB9-alike looks the car seems to possess in pictures being forgotten as soon as you catch a glimpse of it in the metal. The grille and wide front end are hugely imposing, while the squat rear and dramatic side venturi tunnels are particularly impressive.

Inside things are similar, and while the display car isn’t in production materials, the sculptured seats, flash dials and swathes of carbon fibre help to make sense of the seven-figure price tag.

The engine is a suitably large Cosworth-developed 7.3-litre V12 with around 730bhp, while there’s a whole load of technology with fully adjustable dampers and Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve tech, which allows the car’s shock-absorbing traits to be set up without majorly overhauling things.

It’s all part of the One-77’s party piece – the ability to tweak the characteristics so that it can switch from GT cruiser to Ring attacker. Speaking of which, a prototype will be heading to the Nordschleife for fine tuning soon.

Production begins in spring 2010, with the first customers getting their cars sometime in the summer. Lucky them…

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