Audi SQ7 TDI review – Diesel power has never been so appealing

Will Beaumont
11 Jan 2017

Can technology overcome physics and turn this SUV into a fun and agile car?

Evo Rating: 
From £70,970
Its technology really works, making it fast and effective
Lacks real fun and involvement

evo Verdict

The whole concept of the SQ7 is a dichotomy; it wants to be heavy, high-riding SUV that can drive like a performance car, and a diesel powered off-roader that can accelerate faster than a sports car. But despite such disparate and contrasting goals, and despite its enormity, the SQ7 manages to tick all those boxes. It might seem physically impossible but thanks to every piece of technology Audi could cram into it, the SQ7 is remarkably talented. What it doesn’t do, though, is truly excite. 

evo Tip

The SQ7 Performance comes with carbon ceramic brakes, however if you opt for the cheaper Design trim they are an £8,100 option. Now, although that sounds like a ludicrous amount of money and ceramic brakes seem like an obscene thing to have on an SUV, they are well worth it. The SQ7’s hefty bulk of 2330kg means the brakes do an awful lot of work when you drive quickly. But, despite being given a strenuous workout, enough to make them smoke, the performance from these expensive brakes didn’t seem to diminish even though the pedal’s travel did increase. 

evo Comment

‘The chassis feels taught, and copes with undulating roads like no two-tonne car should do. And even with the chassis in dynamic mode, the ride is good’ Stuart Gallagher 

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