Audi RS5 review – finally an M4 beater?

James Disdale
16 Apr 2018

Unfazed by all weathers, the RS5 offers huge performance and refinement, although it still wants for more character.

Evo Rating: 
Effortless performance, confidence-inspiring handling, impressive refinement and comfort
Characterless engine, lack of driver involvement

Downsizing to the smaller turbo-unit has improved fuel consumption by 24 per cent over the old model. Standing in a petrol station forecourt is one place you certainly won’t miss the free-breathing V8.

In our long term RS5 we’ve managed to exceed the claimed 32.5mpg on a combined cycle, achieving 34mpg on a cruise up to Scotland. This instance aside, the mpg has failed to escape the twenties, with the poorest return of 22.3mpg over 884 miles and best of 28.1mpg.

You’d hope the tyres would wear more evenly compared to its rear-driven competitors, but when a new set of boots is required you should budget about £1000 for Hankook Ventus S1 evo2s fitted to our long termer. 

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