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Audi RS6

Harry Metcalfe
16 Jul 2009

Our Audi continues to munch up the mileage, but a clean at the dealer's caused some concern


The Audi had started to acquire the usual detritus of everyday living. Just how bad it had got was brought home to me when the RS6 was returned from the dealer after having a new set of front discs and pads fitted. They gave the interior a proper clean while it was in and put all the flotsam in a box. Which was quite a big box actually.

Sponges, maps, CDs I didn’t even know I owned, they were all in there. Now the first place we look when we can’t find something at home is in the ‘Audi box’. In fact it’s been so useful having everything put in one box I’m going to have another car cleaned. That way I might even find those favourite sunglasses and that winning lottery ticket I know I’ve lost somewhere.

Running Costs

Date acquired July 2008
Total mileage 23,350
Costs this month £840 (front brakes)
Mileage this month 2341
MPG this month 17.9

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