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231mph BMW M6 Hurricane CS

Stephen Dobie
30 Apr 2009

Monster M6 Hurricane CS is the world's fastest BMW; 740bhp V10 results in 231mph


Meet the fastest BMW in the world. This is the M6 Hurricane CS, and thanks to a mightily tuned version of the M Division’s 5-litre V10 engine, it’ll hit 231mph. That’s 86mph more than you’ll manage in an electronically-limited regular BMW M6.

The heat has been cranked up several notches by G-Power, a company also responsible for the world’s fastest saloon in the shape of the M5 Hurricane RS, which tops 227mph.

That car’s engine makes it into the M6, and is essentially the stock BMW M engine with twin superchargers whacked onto it and a remapped ECU, boosting power to a slightly silly 740bhp and peak torque to 590lb ft.

There’s also a weight cut over a regular M6, with 24kg cut by installing a new titanium exhaust kit, and carbon fibre seats inside which cut another 24kg. The combination of diet and muscle building means 0-62mph takes 4.4sec, 124mph arrives in 9.6sec and 187mph in 26sec. Not bad for a car that still weighs the thick end of a ton and a half.

Hauling in all that mass are carbon ceramic brakes, with six-piston calipers and 380mm discs. G-Power has also installed coil-over suspension with nine adjustable settings and front and rear anti-roll bars. You’ve probably also noticed a much more shouty bodykit than a stock M6, too, ensuring everyone will be aware of just how potent your new Beemer is.

With that potency, though, comes price – it’ll cost you 360,000 euros, or in current exchange rates (and before you’ve paid to bring it into the UK) that’s £325,000. In other words, six nearly-new M6s…

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