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Brabham BT62 - legendary racing car manufacturer to launch new car

Jordan Katsianis
12 Mar 2018

Brabham Automotive is gearing up to launch a new car this May, possibly a retro racing creation


Brabham has given us the first indications of its return with a teaser video previewing a new road or race car apparently called the Brabham BT62. Other than the BT62 name and the new company name, Brabham Automotive, few details have been released and there's next to no information on what the firm intends to build as yet. That's aside from a teaser video featuring a burbly exhaust note.

At least something can be read into the car name released in the video, the BT62 handle following on from Brabham’s usual naming convention for its racing cars. The burbling soundtrack also potentially says a lot, with evo’s most proficient audio anoraks placing the engine noise in the historic engine category thanks to a lumpy idle and carb-fed gurgle.

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All this points to a possible re-creation of one of Brabham's racing icons, much in the same way as Jaguar Classic has reimagined the lightweight E-Type and XKSS for wealthy clients.


An icon of the sport and a hero in his home nation of Australia, Sir Jack Brabham, the man from whom Brabham Automotive takes its name, won three straight Formula One Drivers’ titles and his team took two manufacturers' titles, too. Brabham was also the only Formula One driver to win the world championship in a car bearing his own name.

Brabham Automotive has been launched by Sir Jack Brabham's son, Le Mans winner David Brabham, and should emulate the ideology of the original racing team, even if we aren’t quite sure what form its new product will take. More information on the 'Brabham BT62' will be revealed on May 2nd.

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