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Best SUVs 2017

evo staff
8 Jun 2017

If you want an evo-approved fast car but need the practicality of an SUV, here are our top ten choices


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When it comes to making a fast performance car, an SUV is probably one of the worst places to start. Weighty, aerodynamically poor and top-heavy, they tend to be biased either towards comfort or off-road prowess and not adept at fast cornering or drag strip supremacy. But bending the laws of physics is something that car manufacturers are becoming very good at doing, which is why the latest crop of fast 4x4s and performance SUVs is better than ever.

To call these pumped-up 4x4s ‘off-roaders’ is, in most cases, a bit of a fib – stiff suspension and low-profile tyres tend to scupper any mud-plugging ability the car might have had – but the cars in our top ten list bite back with genuine on-road ability, in some cases even rivalling top sports cars for outright pace.

When comparing like-for-like with a saloon or hatchback rival, though, the SUV’s case starts to become unstuck. They’re normally more expensive to buy, run and insure, as well as being inferior on-road – and even the practical, boxy SUV bodywork can’t always make up for that. But in the world of fast cars, good sense doesn’t necessarily take top priority. The adolescent appeal of a two-tonne monster with an enormous engine and physics-defying speed is sure to be a winner for years to come.

With that in mind, these are the top ten SUVs as rated by the evo team.

Click on the list below to read our in-depth reviews of each car, or click on to the next page to read the list in order...

Click on the list above to read our in-depth reviews of each car, or click on to the next page to read the list in order...

Page 1 of 3Best SUVs 2017

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