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Best car waxes and polishes – the top detailing products for your car

evo staff
10 Jan 2018

A quality detailing product is key to protecting your paintwork and retaining its shine, but which waxes and polishes are best?


Page 1 of 2Best car waxes and polishes – the top detailing products for your car

Keeping your car’s factory-fresh paint-sheen isn't easy. Maintaining it requires regular applications of wax and/or polish following a careful hand wash, so we’re looking at the best car waxes and polishes to buy now.

The market for car detailing products is huge, ranging from the super-cheap to super-expensive substances laced with refined natural fruit oils, beeswax or even gold. To save you the trouble of choosing the right wax, we’ve compiled a list of the best products to keep your car in fine fettle. Carry on reading below for a basic guide on the technique for waxing your car, or skip to page 2 for our product rundown.

How to use car wax

First off, you need to wash the car. To take proper effect, waxes and polishes must be applied to a clean surface free of any grime, dirt and grit. Grab a hose, or jetwash if you have one, and spray the whole car to remove obvious and loose muck. Once you’ve rinsed the car, get a bucket of water mixed with car shampoo and grab a sponge.

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Each time to delve back into the bucket with your sponge as you’re shampooing the car, grit particles accumulate, so we recommend using a bucket with a grid in the bottom. It traps grit from the sponge that has been lifted from the car, and thus prevents it from being dragged back across the paintwork, avoiding scratch damage each time you lather the surface.

Plenty of people go on to clay the paintwork after a wash, although it’s not always necessary. Wrap the tip of your finger in a plastic bag and run it along the paintwork. If it feels like sandpaper, it’s time to clay the car.

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Now that your car is (hopefully) spotless, you can get on with waxing. There are several kinds of car wax – spray, liquid and paste are the main three, and differ in means of application. Spray wax is the easiest of the lot. Spray it on, apply it with a microfiber towel and then flip the towel to buff it – it’s that simple. It’s best to apply in the shade, and work a panel at a time. Once you’ve waxed the whole car, grab a fresh cloth and give it another wipe over for the best results.

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Liquid and paste waxes are also best applied a panel at a time in a shaded area. Read the instructions first, as different manufacturers may recommend different application methods, but generally use a foam applicator pad and rub it in well using a back-and-forth motion. Then you can buff it out.

After waxing, your car’s paint should look clean, slick and smooth – as good as it did on the day the car was first made! Of course, waxing can’t cover up damage to the paint. If you have swirls or scuffs in your paintwork, you need to polish before you wax.

Now continue on to page 2 for our top 10 car waxes...

Page 1 of 2Best car waxes and polishes – the top detailing products for your car

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