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evo advent calendar – best car pictures of the year 2017

Will Beaumont
16 Dec 2017

To celebrate another year of amazing cars and great photos we’ve selected one shot from the past year for each day of this year’s advent


Threats that performance cars will be outlawed get stronger by the year, yet car manufacturers continue to prove the naysayers wrong. And this year has been the perfect example, numerous fantastic supercars, sports cars, hot hatches and super saloons have being released to add to the list of wonderful drivers’ cars that have been built over the years.

It’s a good thing these cars exist, because for every one there is a picturesque, twisting road or demanding track they need driving on. Whether it’s a carbonfibre-bodied supercar, a back-to-basics track car or an all-wheel drive B-road weapon there’s a place that’s appropriate to take it for a drive. In the course of the last twelve months we’ve endeavoured to drive the greatest cars in the best locations, as we do every year.

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Such places aren’t just the locations of dream drives, or even the perfect roads to test cars, but they provide the ideal backdrop for our photographers to snap the prettiest of shots, too. Hours of toil and torture go into getting the perfect shots; photographers get wet, cling to the edge of cliffs and bury themselves in ditches – roadtesters, drivers and journalists then have to listen to the resulting moans and groans. The results are worth it, however. For the rare occasions that we don’t get to drive the car, it's usually beautiful or outrageous enough to look good standing still.

To celebrate another year of amazing cars and brilliant photos, we’ve selected one shot from the past 12 months for each day of this year’s advent. We'll be releasing a new image every day between now and Christmas so follow us on and to see each picture first...

evo Advent picture 16

McLaren MP4 12C v McLaren 650S (evo 236) by Aston Parrott

‘The 650S corners so flat and so hard that it honestly doesn’t feel like it is ever going to break traction, even with the thump of 500lb ft of torque arriving at the seriously loaded rear tyres.’ – John Barker

evo Advent picture 15

Caterham Seven 420R Donington Edition (evo 240) by Matt Sayle

‘Although it takes more speed and more commitment to edge up to where the tyres want to give up, the way this car reacts is recognisably friendly-Seven behaviour. You’re able to balance it right on the edge of grip, and a little bit over.’ – Will Beaumont

evo Advent picture 14

Anatomy of a Group B car – Ford RS200 (evo 235) by Andy Morgan

‘Unprecedented levels of power, excitement – and controversy. Group B rallying had it all. Even 30 years after it was banned, the legend surrounding the category remains as powerful as ever.’ – Adam Towler

evo advent picture 13

Mercedes-AMG GT R (evo 236) by Dean Smith

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‘There’s none of the GT S’s worrisome edginess. Kill the power mid bend and the tail stays nailed to the tarmac. The meanest Merc feels as if it can pull well over 1G in longer turns.’ – David Vivian

evo advent picture 12

Toyota GT86 v Mazda MX-5 RF (evo 234) by Aston Parrott

‘The Toyota gains on the way into corners, but the RF finds easy pace where the GT86 requires maximum driver commitment’ – Antony Ingram

evo advent picture 11

Alfa Romeo Museo Storico (evo 241) by Aston Parrott

‘Think Alfa Romeo, think curves. Think lustrous crimsons, cherries, scarlets and garnets, rolling like the Tuscan hills over sophisticated underpinnings and strident engines, and glittering with heart-shaped scudettos or the occasional serpent or delicate four-leaved clover.’ – Antony Ingram

evo advent picture 10

Audi RS3 v BMW M2 (evo 244) by Aston Parrott

‘It’s a poised, planted and virtually foolproof device. Simply turn into the corner, plant your foot on the throttle and feel the brilliantly effective four-wheel-drive transmission slingshot you down the next straight. Body control is immense, too, with sudden crests, big bumps and internal-organ-crushing compressions failing to knock the Audi off course.’ – James Disdale

evo advent picture 9

Honda NSX (evo 233) by Dean Smith

'Let loose across the moors, the NSX is a spellbinding car. Of course, there’s speed to spare. So much that you have to restrict yourself to short bursts of acceleration before settling into a reined-in canter, trading raw G-force for enjoying the way this car finds a flow.’ – Richard Meaden

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evo advent picture 8

Renault Clio Williams (evo 233) by Aston Parrott

‘This left-hand-drive example is ‘0001’ – the car that sat idle in the Williams Grand Prix Collection for many years and is now owned by Renault UK. With just over 2000 miles on the clock it looks, smells and drives like a new car. It really is like stepping though a time portal back into 1993.’ – Adam Towler

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evo advent picture 7

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster v Audi R8 Spyder (evo 239) by Aston Parrott

‘What matters most, though, is not the practical stuff, or the fact that the AMG would probably fit more easily into most people’s lives than the R8. What matters is that when you let rip in these cars, it’s the R8 that goes deepest, hits hardest, and satisfies on a level that the AMG can never quite match.’ – Steve Sutcliffe

evo advent picture 6

Audi RS5 v BMW M4 Competition Pack v Mercedes-AMG C603 S (evo 240) by Andy Morgan

‘This is shaping up to be a bruising encounter. The new Audi RS5 has not long arrived in the UK and already it’s spoiling for a fight. Lighter, faster and more agile than before, it’s got the recently revised BMW M4 Competition Package and hard-hitting Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe firmly in its sights.’ – James Disdale 

evo advent picture 5

Ferrari 812 Superfast (evo 238) by Barry Hayden

‘It feels nothing short of rabid in a straight line, with the kind of throttle response that only ever comes from a big, naturally aspirated engine that revs high and hits hard, everywhere. Even at 4000rpm in third gear the car feels ready to take off. And at 8500rpm in second gear it’s actually hard to describe how fast it feels, how loud it sounds, how utterly fantastic it just is.’ – Steve Sutcliffe

evo advent picture 4

McLaren 720S (evo 242) by Dean Smith

‘The SP478 is the Mille Miglia route and it’s where the 720S wakes up. Such is the car’s monstrous performance that until now I’ve just been dipping my toe, literally and metaphorically, into its capabilities.’ – Adam Towler

evo advent picture 3

Eagle Spyder GT (evo 232) by Dean Smith

‘Eagle’s Spyder GT has a silver-screen quality that makes you feel like you’re living in some perfect film of your own life.’ – Henry Catchpole

evo advent picture 2

evo Track car of the Year (evo 237) by Aston Parrott

‘What this Global Cup racer does highlight is just how good this latest MX-5 can be on track. Tough as old boots and light on its tyres and brakes – you know it would take plenty of punishment.’ – Richard Meaden

evo advent picture 1

BMW M3 GTS v BMW M4 GTS (evo 232) by Aston Parrott

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‘What a place. The M3 GTS and M4 GTS match the location, if anything on four wheels really can. Something of the purity of the old car with its hard-edged engine and delicate handling has been lost, but the brutally effective M4 GTS shows that the M division still understands.’ – Jethro Bovingdon. 




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