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Quiet start-up mode for new Ford Mustang’s exhaust

Will Beaumont
1 Aug 2017

Ford keeps the peace with optional exhaust that allows the V8 to start and run in a more silenced fashion

In a very unexpected move, Ford has added a quiet mode to the 2018 Mustang’s exhaust. Hardly an inconspicuous car, especially here in the UK, it’s difficult to imagine the owners of many Mustangs wanting to pass under the radar, but Ford has developed Quiet Start, a function to allow the car’s 5-litre V8 to start in a hushed manner.

The necessity for such a device came after Ford’s former head of vehicle engineering, Steve von Foerster, was reported to the police by his neighbours after starting up his Shelby GT350 one morning. Not everyone likes to be woken by the thundering sound of a V8, apparently.

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As much as we love a loud exhaust here at evo, we also know there is a time and a place for such attention-seeking behaviour. Early in the morning, before your neighbours are awake, is not the time you want your engine start with a spike of revs and an ear splitting exhaust note.

There’s a good reason why most cars sound louder when they start, though. Cold engines use higher fuel to air ratio and higher idle RPM, which is partly responsible for the increased volume. What’s mostly to blame, on modern cars at least, are systems that ignite unburnt fuel in the exhaust systems to try and warm up the catalytic converters as quickly as possible.

But rather than just accepting his Mustang’s high decibel start-up, and potentially causing a war between him and his neighbours, von Foerster decided an optional, quieter start-up procedure would be a better idea.

Internally known as ‘Good Neighbor Mode’, the new system allows you to set a time when the car will start in a more peaceful way. The driver can decide which times they’d like the lower exhaust noise via the on-board computer. Then, when it’s less important to be quiet, in the middle of the day, you can set the car to start in a more rambunctious, Mustang sort of way.

Quiet Start comes as part of the optional active valve performance exhaust system. As well as being socially responsible when you turn the Mustang on, the optional exhaust includes a mode for quiet running as well as increasingly louder Normal, Sport and Track settings.

Sutton CS800 Mustang - Exhaust

Although not standard, the new Mustang’s system isn’t dissimilar to the aftermarket system we tried on the modified Sutton CS800 Mustang. The exhaust allows you to choose locations via an app where you want the car to be quieter. Then, when you cross the selected perimeter, it switches to a muted sound.

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