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Lamborghini LP640

Simon George
27 Oct 2008

Smoke from under the 640's dash was no more than an attention-seeking fire extinguisher


Had a heart-stopping moment this month when, midway through a trackday in the LP640 at sunny Elvington, white smoke started billowing from behind the dash. Not good.

Once safely off the track I popped the front boot only to discover that the fire extinguisher had broken free, set itself off and left an inch of thick powder over my packed lunch! Could have been worse, I suppose.

Talking of trackdays, it seems the politically correct loony councils are going from bad to worse regarding noise abatement orders. At 103dB with its standard exhaust set-up, LP07 is too loud for most circuits, so I now run it with an additional silencer bolted to the huge tailpipe that drops the noise down to 96dB. Apparently that suits the fruitcakes who move near an airfield then complain about the noise. Oh how I wish I owned a Vulcan. A few low passes over their bungalows would soon give them something to really complain about!

Last month I reported how I inadvertently let LP07’s rear pads wear through. This month the same happened with the front pads. A set of Ferodo Racing replacements came in at £203. Not too bad. You might like to know they’ll also fit an Audi RS6.

Running Costs

Date acquired August 2007
Total mileage 14,052
Costs this month £203 (front pads)
Mileage this month 597
MPG this month 11.3

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