Lexus RC F review – brilliantly different from the establishment

Will Beaumont
10 Jan 2018

The RC F feels unlike its European rivals, but not always better

Evo Rating: 
Refreshingly different, beautifully controllable engine, well-balanced chassis
Too heavy, only at its best in the right driving mode, engine not as exciting at its top end as you might hope

Interior and tech

Whatever else is said about the RC F’s interior, you cannot fault how it’s built. It has been constructed to such fine tolerances and with excellent quality materials that wobbles and rattles simply don’t exist.

How it all looks and works, however, isn’t as universally loved. The seats, with their many sinewy patches looks like exposed muscles, only made from black leather, but are set too high for many.

The grey centre console and hi-fi is so sparsely populated with buttons that it has been described by the evo team as looking both boring and also the perfect example of Dieter Rams’ ‘as little design as possible’ philosophy. You’ll have to make your own mind up about it.

Programming the satnav, connecting your phone via Bluetooth to the car, or changing radio stations has been vexing for almost everyone that’s attempted to interact with the RC F’s infotainment system. As much as we may applaud Lexus for being different in certain areas, we’d rather have a more conventional and understandable entertainment system in the RC F.

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