Lexus RC F review – brilliantly different from the establishment

Will Beaumont
10 Jan 2018

The RC F feels unlike its European rivals, but not always better

Evo Rating: 
Refreshingly different, beautifully controllable engine, well-balanced chassis
Too heavy, only at its best in the right driving mode, engine not as exciting at its top end as you might hope


Like the interior’s looks, the exterior has the ability to split opinion too. There’s none of the restrained European design attitude here and no concession to beauty. The lines that dictate the shape of the many lights and angled grilles at the front seem to emanate from an explosion that happened just below the Lexus badge.

The back end is less provocative, but only by comparison to the front; the diagonally stacked exhaust pipes certainly make sure you don’t mistake it for an Audi or BMW. That said, when painted in white a lot of the RC F’s sharp creases and rippling bodywork is lost and it looks heavy and more conventional. But beyond the angles and cuts that make up many of the RC F’s details there are neat proportions and an aggressive stance helped by some heavily flared wheel arches.

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