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Edo Mercedes C63 AMG

Stephen Dobie
29 Jul 2009

Edo Competition turns its attention to the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sports saloon


German tuner Edo Competition is no stranger to tweaking some of our favourite performance cars. It made a road-legal version of the mad Ferrari FXX, after all.

This is its latest crack at impressing us – an even more potent version of the muscular Mercedes C63 AMG sports saloon.

The 6208cc normally aspirated V8 engine stays, but is tweaked to be even more potent. Power rises from 451bhp to 547bhp, while torque jumps from 442lb ft to 501lb ft. That makes the C63 more able to duff up its bigger brother, the soon to be launched E63 AMG with its 518bhp and 465lb ft.

Edo’s Merc is a whole heap quicker as a result, seeing off the 0-62mph dash in 4.3sec before barreling past the stock C63 and E63’s speed limiter and onto 199mph. Properly supercar quick, then.

You’ll do it all in relative subtlety, too, with the exterior unchanged over the regular hot C-class save for some new black-finish 19in lightweight alloys. They come wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres – 235/35 front, 265/30 rear.

It all sounds like good news to us. If you’re convinced, then point yourself at to find out more.

Alternatively, watch the video of our Merc C63 v BMW M3 twin test

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