Mercedes-Benz A-class review – high-tech hatch takes aim at 1-series and A3

Antony Ingram
11 Jun 2018

Now in its fourth generation, the Mercedes A-class is unrecognisable from the car that kicked things off two decades ago.

Evo Rating: 
Class-leading tech. Luxurious interior
It’s no hot hatch. Rivals are more fun to drive

MPG and running costs

Other variants will inevitably follow, but for the time being the A180d is the predictable economy champ with a combined figure of up to 68.9mpg (and 108g/km of CO2). Gentle, steady motorway driving is likely to return the best figures in the real world, but our mixed route on the car’s launch saw around 55mpg on the trip computer - reasonable, but not outstanding.

The A200 was around 10mpg behind the A180d in similar mixed driving, against an official combined figure of 51.4mpg (for a corresponding 123g/km of CO2). The A250 was another 10mpg behind the A200 in the real world for us (at around 35mpg), but officially it’s capable of 45.6mpg and 141g/km of CO2.

With on-the-road prices of under £40,000, none of the basic A-class models attract the VED surcharge of £310 a year, so a basic A180d will cost £145 in year one and £140 a year thereafter, the A200 is £165 in year one, and the A250 comes in at £205 in year one. Hit the options list hard and you may find A250s attracting that £310 yearly surcharge.

In terms of Benefit-in-Kind company car tax, the A180d sits in the 26 per cent bracket, the A200 in the 25 per cent bracket, while the A250 rises to 29 per cent.

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