New Mercedes-Benz E-class review - the best executive saloon?

Stuart Gallagher
25 Jul 2016

New E-class jumps to the top of the class

Evo Rating: 
Refinement and technology best in class
Not the most involving drive or exciting design

Evo verdict

Until the AMG models arrive Mercedes’ new E-class has little to offer the traditional evo driver, but look beyond the sober looks and worthy, but ultimately uninspiring engines and you have the best in class when it comes to executive saloons.

Not only is the E-class a leader when it comes to refinement, technology and how it drives, but it also puts the company’s S-class to shame in terms of ride quality and comfort. If this is the basis for the forthcoming E43 and E63 we can’t wait drive them, because the fundamentals of the new E Class are spot on.

Evo Tip

Currently there are two diesel engines offered – a 2-litre, four-cylinder twin-turbodiesel in the E220d and 3-litre single turbo V6 for the E350d. A plug-in hybrid is also on its way, but neither the E200 or E400 petrol engines are coming to the UK. While it may not be the most exciting of engines, if you’re a company buyer we’d go for the E220d and save on the money you give to the tax man.

Evo Comment

The new Mercedes E-class is one of those cars that you will never race to the keys for a thrilling drive on your favourite road, but it’s possible it will be the car you have for those journeys that don’t require granular steering feel and whip-crack throttle response.

It’s a car to have at your disposal for big miles, family holidays and all those other events that render your evo car redundant. And where the E-class falls down on excitement it makes up for in every other area and you soon forget that you can, at present, only have a diesel engine or a plug-in hybrid.  When BMW’s new 5-series arrives this autumn it’s going to have a very tough job indeed knocking the -class from its perch.

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