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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Stephen Dobie
9 Apr 2009

Interior shots and teasing sketch of the new 563bhp Mercedes SLS AMG gullwing


The Mercedes SLS AMG supercar is edging closer to reality. It's a car that's been teased to us for a while now, with a variety of official 'spy shots' and footage of disguised cars out playing in the snow.

These latest shots include designer's sketches that confirm what the car is set to look like, as well as shots of the interior. Exterior styling apes the Mercedes 300SL, the firm's original gullwing supercar, especially at the rear, which seems curvier and shaplier than the front might suggest. The inside isn't exactly the stuff of supercar fantasy however, with things kept reasonably sedate. It's not dissimilar to other Mercedes cabins, although parity with its rangemates is something Merc is likely keen to achieve.

The 6.2-litre V8 supercar could be classed as a successor to the McLaren SLR, but the SLS will major on different talents. It's set to be a lot cheaper, for a start - under £150K is touted - while the 563bhp engine is front-mid mounted, which means a near perfect weight distribution of 48:52 front/rear. It should add up to a more dynamically sound package than the outgoing supercar. It is set to hit 60mph in 3.8sec (thanks to a trick twin-clutch seven-speed auto) and have a top speed just shy of 200mph, although the speedometer does go up to 224mph and the revcounter to 9000rpm...

A production version is set to appear at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

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