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Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-360

Richard Porter
6 Apr 2009

Our Mitsubishi Evo was never meant to be practical. Even so, try finding and topping-up the washer bottle!


It this time of year, when the roads kick up a constant muck soup, I find myself using the screen washers a lot. After all, brutal turbo grunt and a gummy chassis are no good if you can’t see where you’re going. Hence the washer tank needs regular refilling. And guess where the screenwash bottle lives in an Evo X.

That’s right, it’s at the back of the boot. So if you’ve got luggage in there it has to be taken out before you can top up with blue, pungently alcoholic water. I’m guessing this has been done for weight distribution. It’s also just another way in which the Evo X gently but persistently annoys me.

Running Costs

Date acquired October 2008
Total mileage 4981
Costs this month £0
Mileage this month 1037
MPG this month 22.2

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