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New Mazda CX-7

Stephen Dobie
12 Aug 2009

One of the littlest known cars on the market gets makeover and new engine


This is the new and updated Mazda CX-7. You'd be forgiven for not knowing there was one to update, though - it's safe to say this is one of the scarcer cars on our roads, so if the CX-7’s existence is news to you, fear not.

It's Mazda's shot at the SUV sector, and in comparison to behemoths from Audi, BMW et al it's one of the more likeable efforts. It looks pretty smart, echoing the design of its Mazda 6, MX-5 and RX-8 stablemates. The facelift for the new version is remarkably subtle, with a more aggressive front end and sharper grille the only real telltales.

The big news lies beneath, with a new engine in the form of Mazda’s new 2.2-litre turbodiesel. The outgoing CX-7 was petrol only, which probably explains why so few sold. Swapping for an oil-burner should make it a much more appealing buy, and it’s a great engine – in 182bhp, 295lb ft tune it makes the Mazda 3 (pictured in grey) a properly potent semi-hot hatch.

In the CX-7 it gains some trick technology, too, a Selective Catalytic Reduction system adding urea to exhaust gases to cut their environmental impact. Nitrous oxide emissions are cut by 40 per cent, making this the more environmentally conscious choice for four-by-four lovers.

The new (and hopefully greater spotted) CX-7 goes in sale in the UK in October following its showing at the Frankfurt motor show next month. Set aside around £25K if you want to set a new trend and be among the first to snap one up.

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