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Jordan Katsianis
17 Nov 2017

650bhp, rear-wheel drive and an empty beach – what could possibly go wrong?


You might be right in assuming that there is little reason to visit a Welsh beach in winter, although perhaps you’d change your mind if there was a metallic orange Noble M600 sitting on it. As Britain’s fastest production car at the time in 2012, the M600’s on paper figures were only half of the story. A winter road trip in an M600? That’s this week’s best car pictures gallery. 

If you’re a regular reader of evo, you’ll know that the M600 is one of our favourite ‘old school’ supercars, offering frippery-free performance with a balance and playful-ness that belies its intimidating numbers. Powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, its 650bhp might not sound supercar-worthy in our current reality of 600bhp plus estate cars, but it’s the M600’s 551bhp/tonne power to weight ratio that is the more telling statistic. 

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Beyond just being a chance to stretch the Noble M600’s legs, our road trip was also a pilgrimage to the places that contributed to our addiction to speed in the first place. Starting at Beachy Head on the south coast, where Peter Twiss flew a Fairey Delta 2 to 1132mph in 1956 to become the first person to break the 1000mph speed barrier, we quickly veered northwards and into Wales.

The crosshairs were set to Pendine Sands, the infamous setting of a very sideways episode of Top Gear, but one we would prefer to remember for its role in hosting land speed record attempts in the 1920s. After a ‘sensible’ drive on the sand, the pilgrimage continued up towards the Lake District, where the focus stopped being on the history of speed, and instead a look at the car that brought us here. 

On the small, damp roads that writhe their way through the Lake District, many supercars with over 500bhp/ton and rear-wheel drive would usually be a fairly intimidating experience. Thankfully, the Noble M600 with its fluid body control and transparent steering never felt like a foe, instilling the confidence to make full use of the considerable performance on tap. We left the north with more assurance of the ability for small British manufacturers to create truly world-class supercars.

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