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Rimac Automobili secures investment and new partner in battery tech

Jordan Katsianis
20 Sep 2017

Rimac to partner with Asia’s largest battery manufacturer and secures €30m investment


Croatian electric supercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili has entered into a subscription and investment agreement with Camel Inc, Asia’s largest battery manufacturer, resulting in a technical partnership and €30m investment package.

Rimac first made headlines when it launched the first production electric supercar called the Concept One, and this new investment deal with Camel part of the firm's ambitious expansion plans - Rimac is also  hoping to find a further €20m to contrubute to the development of its next model, due to be shown in concept form at the Geneva motor show next year according to company founder Mate Rimac.

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The proposed partnership with Camel is a strong start, with the Chinese battery company is keen to use the deal with Rimac to bolster its development in automotive battery technology. Camel has been given an unspecified percentage of the company in return for its investment.

Liu Chnanglai, CEO of Camel Group said: “Our strategy is to move aggressively into the New Energy Vehicle Business – providing advanced battery systems, powertrains and other vehicle components to major commercial and passenger vehicle manufacturers.” 

Far from just being a niche supercar manufacturer, Rimac is also a supplier of electrified components to the automotive industry at large. Thanks to the increasing relevance of this tech, Rimac has tripled in value since 2014 having secured contracts with automotive heavyweights like Aston Martin Lagonda and Koenigsegg.

In a step that will not only give us exciting new electrified supercars like the upcoming second-generation Rimac, technical partnerships like this will also drive forward the development of electric-tech for the companies Rimac supply to.

With electric tech now a pre-requisite for all high-end super and hypercars, Rimac might well become another household name as we move closer to an electrified, carbon-neutral future.

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