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Rimac Automobili teases new supercar - exclusive new details revealed

Jordan Katsianis
1 Dec 2017

Following on from the Rimac Concept One, the new hypercar is a game changer, says Rimac.


Croatian electric supercar maker Rimac has given us the first indication of the shape its second generation hypercar will take when it arrives as the follow-up of the Concept_One in 2018. 

In an exclusive conversation with evo, company CEO Mate Rimac confirmed that the new electric hypecar will sit above the Concept_One, offering even more performance and usability in the one package. Rather than being a direct rival to upcoming hypercars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One, Rimac's new model will be "comfortable, luxurious, functional and globally homologated." But the fact Rimac mentions those cars in the same breath as his new creation says something about his expectations regarding its capability too.

The development process has been an exhaustive one according to Rimac, this not being a "quick and dirty" effort. Instead he describes a detailed, professional and thought-out project developed by a team all working towards a clear vision.

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For the moment, we have little more than a dark silhouette to go on aesthetically, but we can see from the teaser image that the new car is still obviously a supercar in form, featuring a recognisable mid-engined car shape and aggressive aero. In a departure from the sleek Concept One, the first thing we can see is a rear wing and deeper front splitter. Looking closely at the image, it is also possible to see production car like mirrors, usually a tell-tale sign of whether a car being shown is a concept or production model.

The window line is slightly deeper than on the Concept One, and now sits entirely in the door shut-line. This reveals a couple of other pieces of information, namely that the new Rimac model will have framed doors and, as a result, it's likely that those doors will open in a non-traditional way. This suspicion is further supported by a visible shutline that extends from the front wind-screen into the roof at an angle more akin to that of a McLaren with it’s dihedral doors.

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On the back of Rimac’s extensive new technical partnership with Camel Inc, Asia’s largest battery supplier, the next generation supercar will take advantage of new technological developments being worked on by the two firms. With the aim of increasing battery capacity while reducing weight, Rimac is on the cutting edge of high output battery technology thanks to this direct partnership with the leading battery supplier. 

Due to be revealed in full at the Geneva motor show in March 2018 the new hypercar is a 'game changer' according to Rimac. We'll have to wait and see if this is typical PR hyperbole or if Rimac really does have something special up its sleeve.  


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