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Aston Martin DBS Volante spotted - soft-top super-GT to follow Superleggera

Jordan Katsianis
15 May 2018

Aston’s upcoming DBS supercar to lose its carbonfibre roof on new Volante variant


As news about Aston Martin’s new DBS Superleggera continues to drip-feed from official and non-official sources, our snappers have spotted a DB11-based convertible undergoing testing with a hybrid of DBS and DB11 bodywork. Does this mean the next DBS Volante will be a bridge between those two models, or is Aston Martin holding the rear styling of the new DBS Volante close to its chest until the DBS hard-top is revealed in full?

Looking at the front of the test car, it’s clear that it shares its large grille opening and distinctive intakes on either side with other DBS prototypes that have been spotted in the past. The headlight openings in the new vented clamshell bonnet should contain bespoke lighting units, while the wheels and brakes are also consistent with other DBS test cars, featuring larger calipers and the likely inclusion of carbon-ceramic discs hiding behind the delicate new wheel design.

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From here, though, the similarities with other DBS Superleggera test mules end, as this convertible does away with the aggressive sills and features rear quarters entirely shared with the DB11, aside from some makeshift quad exhaust outlets.

From previous spy pictures, the DBS Superleggera coupe might not look immediately distinct from the DB11, but sit the pair side-by-side and you’ll notice that the DBS has a far more upright and square rear end, with the inclusion of what we now know are Vantage-derived tail lights. Under the more upright rear sits a more aggressive rear diffuser, peppered with four large oval exhaust outlets.

If these latest photographs do indeed show simply a convertible version of the DBS, we’ll expect it to share the same, uprated 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 as the DBS, which should offer in the region of 700bhp. Needing to maintain a clear gap between itself and the new 630bhp DB11 AMR, this sort of power figure is becoming increasingly likely for both coupe and convertible.

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Contrary to previous assumptions that Aston Martin will name its next flagship sporting GT the Vanquish, the British marque has since confirmed that it will carry the DBS Superleggera nomenclature instead, harking back to the DB4 and DB5 Superleggera that donned the name of their Italian coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Superleggera. 

A Volante version of the DBS has been inevitable. However, the specific path it will tread is still speculation. We will get a much better idea of what to expect when the DBS Superleggera makes its debut later in the summer.


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