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Porsche buys ten per cent of Rimac

Adam Towler
20 Jun 2018
Rimac C_Two front

Porsche AG buys a ten per cent minority stake in Rimac Automobili


Porsche has bought a ten per cent stake in Croatian electric hypercar builder and technology pioneer Rimac, it was announced today.

Rimac describes entering into a ‘collaborative partnership’ with Porsche AG as “an important step in our strategy to become a leading EV technology supplier to the global OEMs”. The Rimac business is made up of two pillars, and while the most obvious one is the building of its own electric hypercars, such as the Concept_One and the recently unveiled C_Two, the firm is also a key technology partner in the electrification sphere, with clients such as Aston Martin and Koeniggsegg - and a number of undisclosed major OEMs.

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Speaking exclusively to evo, founder and CEO Mate Rimac said: “This agreement has taken three years to realise. Porsche is a big company, naturally conservative, and haven’t done anything like this before, so it has taken time. They were the best fit for us, the right strategic alliance. There’s so much going on that we are always looking forward, but if you’d said to me six years ago that Porsche would invest in this business I would hardly have believed it.”


Mate Rimac

Rimac insisted that having Porsche on board wouldn’t compromise its relationships with other OEMs - in fact, he believes it will strengthen their position. “It’s a win-win: our customers are fine with it, and so is Porsche. Porsche would never look at the other work we do; it is to everyone’s benefit.” 

Porsche is embarking on its own electric future, with the imminent arrival of the Tycan and further Hybrid and all-electric models in the pipeline. Rimac has clearly caught its eye in recent years: the company only started in Mate Rimac’s garage in 2009 and has already shown just what is possible with an electric drivetrain, pushing the boundaries of electric motor and battery technology to the limits, as well as building its own hypercars from scratch.

“We have doubled in size since last year”, adds Mate. “We have the C Two in development and are building a new facility - all this takes money. But Porsche’s investment is not so much about money; they are helping us to become a Tier 1 supplier.”

Still only 30 years old, Mate Rimac’s extraordinary ascendancy in the motor industry may only just have begun.

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