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Mosler MT900 GTR XX

8 May 2009

New 592bhp Mosler MT900 GTR XX supercar goes on sale in Europe


Mosler's mighty new supercar is on sale in Europe. The MT900 GTR XX is the company's 20th anniversary celebration model, and boasts Chevrolet's LS7 7-litre V8 engine. It provides 592bhp and 515lb ft of torque, in a car weighing a mere 1100kg. That's 547bhp-per-ton, meaning the MT900 is victorious in the inevitable Bugatti Veyron comparison.

It propels the car from 0-60mph in a claimed 3sec and onto a 202mph maximum. It isn't just about unsophisticated V8 power and speed, though - the car's made predominantly of carbonfibre and kevlar, while the double-wishbone suspension boasts adjustable coil-over springs and adjustable blade anti-roll bars. The MT900 can deliver up to 1.16g through corners on road tyres. Its V8 is mid-mounted and provides the car with 40/60 front/rear weight distribution.

It has successfully passed Euro4 emissions regulations as well as a raft of European crash tests. It has also passed the rather intriguing sounding ‘electro magnetic compatability tests’. That's good to know.

If there's a gaping space between your Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo that the MT900 GTR XX will perfectly fill, then Mosler Deutschland is the place to head. You'll have to arm yourself witharound £250,000 first, though…

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