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Air Force muscle cars

Stephen Dobie
4 Jun 2009

US Air Force tunes muscle cars - Ford Mustang X-1 and Challenger Vapor


The US Air Force has gone for a fairly novel way to attract new recruits. It has teamed up with American tuners Galpin Auto Sports to produce two fairly over the top (but ultimately quite brilliant) creations, both of which will be heading out on a supercar tour publicising a career in the skies.

First of the modified muscle cars is the Ford Mustang X-1, which is very much the four-wheeled fighter plane. Its cabin takes huge inspiration from a jet, with just the one seat surrounded by controls and the option to eject should things get hairy. The steering wheel even makes way for a stick. Quite how much control it’ll give you over the 500bhp 4.6-litre V8 remains to be seen.

Next up is the stealthier Dodge Challenger Vapor. It gets ‘radar-absorbent’ stealth black paint, and an exhaust that can run on near silence should you so wish. There’s biometric verification (whatever that is) to gain access to the cabin, which looks more like a US defence control room, with night and thermal vision on the interior’s screens. If you’d rather not clamber inside, the car can also be commanded via remote control…

The cars were unveiled by Galpin’s Mad Mike, also of Pimp My Ride fame, who said ‘if it was not for the US Air Force, I would not have the knowledge and skills that enables me to stand where I am today.’ Quite.

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