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Tyre pressure warning

16 Jul 2009

Michelin survey finds that UK drivers are careless with tyre pressures


UK drivers are among the worst in Europe when it comes to tyre safety.

Michelin’s Fill Up With Air campaign checked up on 50,000 cars across the continent, with only four countries having a worse record.

Of the UK drivers surveyed, more than 65 per cent were found to be running with incorrect tyre pressures, with nearly half having dangerously under-inflated tyres – more than 8psi under manufacturer recommendations – putting them at risk of an accident.

Michelin’s head of communications, Peter Snelling, said ‘tyres are the only thing keeping a car on the road and it’s all too easy for drivers to take them for granted and not treat them with the utmost care and attention that they deserve. Our Fill Up With Air research has shown that even during the boom years people didn’t maintain their tyres and it is a concern that people will literally cut corners in order to cut costs during a recession, despite this being a false economy.’

East Anglia is the UK’s most tyre conscious region, though, with ten per cent of its drivers checking their tyre pressures every week.

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