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Nismo's Nissan 370Z

Stephen Dobie
17 Jun 2009

The 345bhp Nismo-tuned Nissan 370Z sports coupe goes on sale in the US


The Nismo-tuned Nissan 370Z has gone on sale in America.

It’s an official addition to the Nissan range, rather than an aftermarket option, and is priced pretty competitively - 39,130 US dollars, which is the equivalent of just £24K. That’s cheaper than a regular, entry-level 370Z sets you back in the UK. It represents a rise of around £5,500 over the regular Zed car in the US.

That cash buys you a properly good looking thing. The bodywork is recognisably beefed-up, with much chunkier wheel arches, a redesigned front end, a rear diffuser (housing twin exhaust pipes) and a rather unsubtle rear wing. From some angles it has definite hints of Porsche 997 GT2 about it; never a bad thing in our eyes.

Power is up too, from 326 to 345bhp, with the engine mated to the six-speed manual gearbox with Nissan’s trick heel-and-toeing SynchroRev match control as standard. The suspension is tuned while there’s beefier brakes, which come housed in 19in RAYS alloys (wrapped in Yokohama rubber).

The interior is emblazoned with Nismo logos and red detailing and you get the obligatory numbered plaque to remind you how special your car is. For an extra few hundred dollars you can also get Nismo-badged carpet mats, a carpeted boot mat and some illuminated kick plates, too. Excellent.

Less excellent, though, is the fact that sales are US-only. Although by pestering your friendly local importer, there may be ways around that…

Read about the Nismo 370Z’s New York show reveal here, or have a gander at Henry Catchpole’s video of the regular 370Z this way.

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