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Renault Megane RS Trophy R spied – gunning for the Ring record

Jordan Katsianis
26 Mar 2019

The Renault Sport Mégane is known for only getting better with age – let’s hope the Trophy-R continues that trend


Renault Sport has been spotted lapping a prototype version of what could eventually become the next Mégane Trophy-R – a hardcore, stripped-out version of the hot hatch which will have the front-wheel-drive Nürburgring record in its crosshairs.

Although this car looks little different aesthetically to the current Mégane RS Trophy, its status as something a bit more special reveals itself if you study the details more closely. First and foremost, this Mégane RS looks to have a small power bulge in the bonnet, flanked by two small louvres, destined to vent excess heat from under the bonnet. The front ‘wing’ motif remains the same as before, but here is painted red, and covered with white tape in its centre, likely hiding a Trophy-R decal.

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Also instantly visible are a set of carbonfibre wheels that look awfully similar to those sourced by Australian supplier Carbon Revolution on the US-market Shelby Mustang GT350R. Behind those wheels are a set of chunky brakes, in a silver finish, pointing towards a possible upgrade of the Mégane’s braking package too.

Oddly, despite there being no body-in-white changes, the doors also have a subtle disguise, which we suspect will probably hide little more than another set of decals, in traditional Renault Sport style. 

Peer inside the clear glass and you’ll also note the lack of rear seats, which might place the Trophy-R into a very small class of track-focused performance car with rear doors and no rear seats, much like a Jaguar Project 8 when fitted with the rear-seat removal option.


It’s still speculation at this point as to whether the Trophy-R will pick up a power upgrade alongside the weight reduction, but with the standard Trophy already boasting 296bhp from its 1.8-litre engine, we’d suspect the power figure to not rise a huge amount further.

As one of the major bugbears of the current Mégane RS is its relatively high kerb weight, this stripped-out Trophy-R model might just unlock the true talent of the current Mégane RS hiding under all of that excess weight. As usual, the Mégane RS appears to be getting better with age.

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