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evo car quiz 2017 – test your automotive knowledge to the limit

evo staff
26 Dec 2017
evo car quiz 2017

Take on the challenge of our mega car quiz of the year, all 35 demanding questions of it.


The evo team has put its collective minds together to muster a to test even the most knowledgeable of petrol heads as part of our 2017 review of the year – it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Do you know your JDM special-editions from your UK-specific market cars? Can you tell a Revoknuckle from a HiPer Strut? Are you well versed in eCoty history? If you want to score highly you’d better hope your answers to these questions were 'yes', because there are plenty of challenging questions in store. We think only those with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cars could call this quiz a breeze.

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Either take-on the quiz alone or assemble a crack team of brand specialists, motorsport aficionados and engineering obsessives of varying ages to give yourself a better chance of amassing a score to be proud of. Whatever your approach, don't forget to let us know how you get on, there are no prizes but anything over 20 will qualify for our enduring respect. Good luck. 

evo car quiz 2017

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> evo car quiz 2017 - our mega car quiz of the year

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