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McLaren 720S review – the new supercar benchmark

James Disdale
8 Feb 2018

Wild looks, warp speed acceleration, delicious handling balance and surprising civility mark out the remarkable 720S

Evo Rating: 
Superb ride and handling, scorching performance and everyday usability
Engine note could do with some more character

MPG and running costs

Really? It’s a £200,000, 200mph supercar – are you going to worry about the bills? Okay, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be worrying about the state of your wallet if you own one of these, but the McLaren’s efficiency statistics are almost as impressive as its performance figures, with a claimed 26.4mpg at the pumps and 249g/km. Of course, these are the laboratory numbers and in the real world you’ll probably see low teens fuel economy, dipping to single figures when you give it the full moo. But when you’re having this much fun any worry about the earth’s dwindling natural resources can be put on the laterbase.

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