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McLaren 720S review – the new supercar benchmark

James Disdale
8 Feb 2018

Wild looks, warp speed acceleration, delicious handling balance and surprising civility mark out the remarkable 720S

Evo Rating: 
Superb ride and handling, scorching performance and everyday usability
Engine note could do with some more character

Interior and tech

McLaren has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to interiors, with the 720S treading a neat line between the usability of the smaller 570 models and the cocooned, sports prototype vibe of the wild P1. There’s plenty of leather, carbon fibre and Alcantara, while the fit and finish is as good as you’d expect from what is essentially a hand-finished machine.

McLaren’s IRIS infotainment system has been updated and is quicker and more responsive than before, but it’s operating system is still frustratingly oblique at times – although it’s competition is limited to Ferrari’s equally confusing system and Lamborghini’s three generation old Audi hardware. Highlight of the interior, from a theatrical point of view at least, is the instrument binnacle, which rotates through ninety degrees at the touch of a button, changing from a comprehensive TFT dial pack to a thin display with strip rev counter and shift lights, gear indicator and speedo – perfectly pared back to the trackday information essentials.

The wraparound glasshouse creates excellent visibility and bright, airy feel, while there’s plenty of leg and headroom for the driver and passenger. The straight-legged and slightly recumbent driving position is also spot on, being both comfortable and evoking the spirit of the firm’s racers. 

There’s also stacks of standard kit, with the only real options being the sort of bespoke colours and material that are provided by the brand’s MSO division. Oddment stowage is a bit thin on the ground, but this is a supercar and not a family-sized SUV, so we’ll forgive it a lack of practicality.

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