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evo Track Car of the Year - VUHL 05 onboard video

17 Jul 2016

Mexico's Ford-powered sports car is fast and fun - ride onboard in our latest video


We've featured all manner of track-focused road cars in evo Track Car of the Year before: Think Caterhams, Elises, Radicals and more.

But the VUHL 05 is a relatively new proposition, so the opportunity to send it up against the big boys at the twisty Blyton Park circuit wasn't to be missed.

And as you'll find out in the video, it was both a lot of fun and very much worthy of its inclusion in our annual track battle. It's styled nicely, built well and fairly easy to adapt to.

At a fiver under £60,000 it's also expensive, but far from unique in this regard when it comes to track cars, and there's also plenty of latent potential in the car; we'd be very surprised if the next VUHL wasn't even better.

You can ride on board with the Camaro’s lap in the video above – and stay tuned on for the final evo Track Car of the Year video – that of the crazy Ariel Nomad – over the next few days.

For our full Track Car video, head over here – and if you want to read the full feature, you can find it in issue 220 of evo.

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